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Exalogic Installation Services

      One of our key offerings in the exalogic space is the installation and upgrade service. This service allows you to start getting benefitted from your investment in the exalogic elastic cloud hardware at a much faster rate compared to getting bogged down  into the complex process of installation which may be new to your in-house DBA team or some other service provider. As your company grows in size you need to upgrade your exalogic elastic cloud hardware configuration.

We support the following upgrades

• Quarter-rack to a half- rack
• Half-rack to a full-rack
• Add a quarter- rack to a quarter-rack
• Add a half-rack to a quarter-rack
• Add a half-rack to a full-rack 

In all the above mentioned upgrades we help you upgrade the hardware configuration and also the software if appropriate in a near zero downtime scenario. The following tasks are performed as part of our installation and upgrade services.

• Conduct an installation and upgrade deep dive session about the exalogic elastic cloud hardware and come up with a detailed plan to perform it efficiently
• Perform a thorough set of checks on systems components, data center, access route, power, safety, logistics, and network to ensure the site is prepared for the installation of the exalogic machine
• Work with your systems admins, DBAs and network admins closely in coming with the required information to fill the installation template
• Execute the installation and post install configuration upon completion of planning
• Run checks and scripts to validate the installation and configuration of the exalogic machine
• In case of upgrade perform checks and scripts to ensure the hardware configuration completed successfully.
• Install and configure enterprise manager grid control and Oracle Ops Center to maintain and manager your Exastack environments and oracle infrastructure
• Conduct the above tasks in conjunction with your development/DBA team so we help them bring up to speed on the technology in the long term goal of making them self sufficient

Why Extuit for Installation and upgrade?

• Extuit is founded by ex-oracle development engineers who are pioneers in exalogic
• Extuit engineers have experience in doing several successful exastack implementations, installations at several large companies across the board in terms of sector and region
• Extuit is an elite oracle partner up-to-date on the latest software development and consulting methodologies. We pride ourselves in the close contacts we have with oracle product development, sales and support.
• Extuit engineers help you build a solution with the middleware aspects in mind since they have experience in different products across the oracle fusion middleware spectrum
• Extuit is always on the bleeding edge of the latest and greatest of oracle technology especially the exastack. That is what we love to do, live to do and want to do.



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