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Extuit is a niche Oracle technology solutions provider primarily focussed on providing managed solutions and services that span the latest and greatest products of the Oracle Technology stack. Extuit is founded by ex-Oracle product development professionals who bring the best practices and methodologies followed at Oracle for designing and implementing Oracle products in the real world. Our team has a diverse background and comprises of people who have worked for a number of years in Oracle product development in the areas of Middleware and Databases. Extuit's professionals perfected the art of deploying Oracle products in complex customer scenarios.

Extuit is a preferred Oracle partner having several specializations that span various Oracle products like Exadata, Exalogic and Fusion Middleware products and applications. The Exastack products are new to the Oracle technology stack and these skill sets are rare to find. We are able to fill this void by having a close relationship with Oracle product development and by working closely with them in early adopter releases of products and when designing niche technology solutions spanning these products.

While the company was formed to cater services solely to Oracle Exastack, i.e. Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, our solutions portfolio was expanded to include cross-platform and heterogenous database Migrations, and Oracle Database and Fusion Middleware services. 

Extuit was founded with a charter of bringing excellence to IT using our in-depth product development expertise. We help you architect, install, implement, tune, maintain and achieve extreme performance out of your exastack infrastructure. We help you achieve and experience extreme results from your Exastack technology– in fact that’s our motto and punch line.

With our extensive background on the Oracle products we are confident to provide you an extraordinary level of return on your investment in a very short time, while solving your IT infrastructure challenges and accelerating the adoption of the greatest Oracle technologies.



Database on the Cloud?

Easy to startOur experts can discuss how Oracle Database 11g Release 2 and Oracle Enterprise Manager can help you achieve true Database as a Service (DBaaS) on the Cloud.

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Do you have the right MAA?

Docs / SupportMaximum Availability Architecture (MAA) best practices help you achieve the highest level of availability on the Oracle platform. Let our experienced MAA Architects take care of this for you.

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Migrating from Teradata?

Native RTL SupportOur Migration Solutions can help you migrate from non-Oracle databases with minimal cost, effort and risk.  

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